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October 01, 2020



The "spot the differences" ones are fun. The "this is completely transformed from last week" ones are also fun. Good work. :-)


KC - yes, I was thinking this week would be like Highlights magazine. I had to give you all that hint about where you could look for changes.


(also: what does "overwork" mean in the context of glazing?)


KC - zoom in on either of the big leaves on the green pear. See how there are a variety of colors and layers of colors? I should have been able to make that leaf look like a leaf with two colors and without all those extra brushstrokes and all that work.


Aha! That makes sense to the limited degree it can make sense to someone who has never done oil painting and very much never worked with glazes. Thank you!

(also thanks for the free Highlights puzzle this week. :-) )

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