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October 11, 2020



Hmm. I'd like to introduce you to the dentist I used to see in Philadelphia. He wanted to do implants on me from the first time he met me and every time thereafter. But, the only teeth I don't have are the back wisdom teeth that dentists remove for reasons unknown to me. I do have widely spaced teeth, but not wide enough to fit in any extra teeth. I guess the idea was to remove my natural teeth and replace them with a Hollywood smile. I took a vacation up the coast of Maine instead.

A couple of years later, his student laboriously removed my last wisdom tooth. She was a small woman and she ran from one side of the chair to the other tugging at it.Even with pain killer, it was a harrowing experience. Finally, it came out and took the nerve with it. Then, dentist wanted to do a dental implant which would require a bone transplant which would require a nerve transplant. I changed dentists.
By the way, dental implants--even if you want/need them are not problem free.


Arlene - there are problems? That is great to know. There is going to be a sale on the invisilign at my dentist, and I was thinking, why do that if they pull out all my teeth someday. Hmm. Now that I am off implants I might have to reconsider. Unlike you, I have a filling in every tooth but two, and three are entirely gone, not counting the wisdom teeth.

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