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October 26, 2020



I would love to know how I got taught about furniture placement, and also how so many of the guys I know were not taught about it. I don't *remember* being taught it, but I'm sure I was... and yet when my husband is asked to put out chairs for a party, he lines them all up neatly against the walls. Every one. (he is now learning, through direct tutelage, about How To Set Up Furniture So People Can Actually Talk To Each Other Comfortably And Yet Still Move Around.)


Seriously, this is just wrong, lol. That said, I can’t help but be curious about furniture placement, but this just seems middle-of-the-night accident prone. I mean maybe if we ever get out if this pandemic situation, accident prone becomes normal because we’ve forgotten how furniture is normally placed during non-pandemic times. (Hmm...will there be an art/reality Covid theme? Art really does seem to history.) I kid of course (or do I?). ;-) Everything just seems so upside down right now.


KC - oh no. Against the wall. Wrong wrong wrong.
Lisa - that’s an interesting idea - the 1918 pandemic may have affected art, but the First World War stole all that thunder. The austerity probably led to the roaring 20s. I plan to live like I could die tomorrow in the roaring 2020s.


Yes. All precisely against the walls. We haven't tried recently, though, so the various sessions of learning may have sunk in by now... If we ever host a party again, we'll see what happens, I guess...

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