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October 04, 2020



Not to go too far out on a limb, but did you try any Mexican restaurants? I'm certain they would have been able to satisfy that craving!


Trisha - no, because 1. we were looking for a place with a diverse menu in case Gary didn’t want Mexican, and 2. To get Mexican delivered or Curbside we would probably have to go through Door Dash or GrubHub, and Gary has some type of resentment toward both. Something about payment or benefits or something.
([moments layer]But, had I checked GrubHub I could have gotten exactly what I wanted delivered from Applebee’s. Perhaps I can have sneaky GrubHub Fajitas next time he is out of the hose.)


Yes, balancing the needs of others does make it harder. Especially when there are multiple other types of needs to balance. I'm still pulling for you to get fajitas soon!


Trisha - the plan is afoot for fajitas very soon.

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