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October 02, 2020



One guess about the 40 year old starting smoking: teenagers. (nicotene is pharmacologically active and has some effects on some things... just not all positive effects)

But yeah. That is a Weird Life Choice.

I do think exercise has multiple effects:
1. the immediate endorphins, which some people get and some people don't and other people it depends on exactly what kind of exercise,
2. the longer-term physical effects of exercise (many and varied, although not all positive) and
3. the feeling-good-about-exercising psychological boost.

But yeah. For immediate satisfaction, many things have exercise beat out solid. Including pie and good music.

Big Dot

I have recently rediscovered the smile-Inducing simple joy of listening to Take On Me by a-ha. Maybe helps that I’m a fan of all things Norwegian, but still. A propos of that, give Norsemen a whirl on Netflix.


KC - Nope, her children (including my co-worker) were in their mid twenties. Excellent deduction, though.

Big Dot - not just an excellent pop song, but a terrific art-based video. And I just saw this on Genius.com (best lyric site ever: it’s like having a concordance for lyrics).
“Take on me” literally translated to Norwegian (a-ha’s native language, though they perform in English) as “Ta på meg.” This is how you say “Touch me” in Norwegian.

“Take me on” / “Ta meg på” means “put me on” (like clothing).

The bilingual nature of the first line offers dual meanings: “Give me a chance!” and “Touch me,” in the first; and “Take me on,” (colloquially meaning, “I’ll fight you,” or “I’ll accept your challenge,”) and “Wear me.”
And my god, the description for Norsemen made me laugh. That sounds good.

Big Dot

That's a good website, thanks - I often need to be led by the hand through the trackless jungle of song lyrics (also modern poetry - and me an Eng Lit graduate: deeply shaming).


Big Dot - I don’t even try Modern poetry.

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