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October 27, 2020



This is oddly reminiscent of me trying to find my (ever-moving) Ideal Prune Dosage... Ah, IBS-mixed-type, where you alternate between bricks and liquid without apparent rhyme or reason (aside from dietary "okay, fine, yes, I shouldn't have eaten that" items - but the rest of the time: 5 days of diarrhea while eating only rice? Riiiight, sure that makes sense, cranky gut...).

(in case it's helpful, it turns out that dried apricots are as effective but are much easier to titrate than prunes are, since ~5 apricots seems to be equivalent to one small prune for me, gastrically. I've also heard good things about oat bran, but have never succeeded in... smoothing things out... with it.)


KC - apricots certainly sound better than prunes.


Apricots are way better than prunes. But vs. any of the OTC laxatives that tend to burn things down on their way out, prunes win by a landslide even though they are sticky and not enthusiasm-provoking. So. If prunes work, they're worth it. If prunes work but a little too well, then try dried apricots (or dried figs, but I was having trouble getting consistently good dried figs, and the properties on my GI system were too different between Good Figs (titrated regulation at about as good as it gets with an "undecided" GI system) vs. Slightly Fermented Dried Figs (burn it all down) so I gave up on figs for now).

That said, if dried fruit of any kind sets off the same thing as donuts do for you... then no. (or if it doesn't work for you, also no...) I just endorse them over all OTC things I have heard about.


KC - nuts and seeds are my preferred fiber. I need to stock up again.


They're a good option for everyone they work for! Very tasty things. (just hide them so Gary doesn't feed them to the raccoons)

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