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October 23, 2020



It's possible that the watch originally came with instructions but your brother threw them out? But, yes, a watch that doesn't work when it's too far away from the iPhone for too long seems like a... less useful... watch than it would otherwise be.


KC - he did pass on the documentation he had, which was how to install the watch band.


Because having a functioning watch band is so much more important than having a watch that continues to function...

Although, there is that whole "if this product was exclusively tested by people joined at the hip to their phone 24/7, would anyone notice if the watch had problems if it got too far away from the phone?" thing, as per the "keyless" cars that were initially only tested by men, but then a woman went to test-drive them and had, of course, the keys in her *bag* in the passenger side, instead of in her pockets, and... nope.

So maybe they just don't know that this is a problem! :-)


KC - I think it would all have been self-explanatory if the “phone” icon had just one bit of detail. Even just a home button or an Apple logo would have been enough.

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