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September 24, 2020



The sunflowers already look so happy! And the pears are starting to look properly pensive.


KC -I really like the sunflowers, so much so that I am hesitant to paint anything else.


Sometimes "stick with what you enjoy" is a bad idea, but my impression is that your brain gets New Ideas and wants you to chase them, so you are unlikely to get stuck in a forever-sunflowers rut. (If they are just way *easier* to get good results with than anything else, I'll admit that's slightly more risky - it's possible to lose one's taste for challenges by munching easy victories - but still, you seem to end up wanting to launch out challenge-wise possibly beyond what is really a good idea to, so I'm not especially worried?)


KC - the sunflowers are more of the same, no pushing, because the glazing is all new.

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