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September 28, 2020



Yes, the distance between Angry Slapstick vs. the "Make 'Em Laugh" song in Singing in the Rain, is quite substantial (although I still can't watch the latter without hoping they had some *serious* padding under the carpet, because his poor knees...). Happy slapstick is just not the same thing at all as cranky or actually-damaging slapstick. I can't think of any additional sources, though, outside cartoons...

(I assume, though, that you've seen Noises Off? I recall finding it absolutely hilarious, and it's quite possible there's slapstick in it, although I am not sure.)


KC - yes, I keep imagining mattresses. I thought I saw a stage play of Noises Off but on further research I see the play I remembered watching was Present Laughter.

Big Dot

I saw The Play That Goes Wrong live here - a travelling version from the UK. It was both hilarious and so impressive, how they managed all the scenery disasters. Genius.


Big Dot - I read that the very end was a spectacular scenery disaster.


I was supposed to see The Play That Goes Wrong as part of our Broadway season, and it was the first event I had cancelled by COVID. I was (and am) so disappointed. Little did I know the rest of the 2020 season and most of the 2021 season would be falling along behind it...


Trisha - I still mourn the two concerts and the entire opera season I paid for and didn’t get to attend. And I’m also annoyed that 63 Up, the next installment in the 7-up series, has not been released in the US.

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