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September 16, 2020



It sounds like Gary has Strong Furniture Attachment (or something); did he witness the destruction of a beloved footstool as a child or something?

(that said: I love comfortable furniture and... do not love... uncomfortable furniture. That does not necessarily mean "cushy" - for instance, there is the approximate ranking of All Airport Chairs I've Occupied More Than 3 Hours And Remember, where some of the winners are hard plastic and others are not - but some furniture is just fundamentally uncomfortable to sit on with specific shapes/body types/torso lengths/etc. So, if something *does* fit, I'd be very reluctant to have it exit without a good replacement.)(that said: it sounds like you have a good replacement? or is this still a better chair for Gary with the exception of the turtle-trapping, and the replacement recliner merely a compromise which wins out exclusively by not turtle-trapping him?)


KC - Gary is, above all things, loyal. That’s all it is.


Loyalty is an excellent trait when applied to the right entities! (it is a terrible trait when applied to, say, criminals [politicians or non-politicians] or invasive species; it is not terrible, but not an excellent trait when applied to decrepit furniture)


KC - we will all be decrepit in time.


Yes, but we are not all furniture. While I also get attached to inanimate objects, I insist upon a basic difference of inherent value between a human being and an object. (pieces of art are a difficult one, though, as are some human beings to be honest...)


KC - Gary makes no such distinction. Wives, raccoons, furniture all get absolute loyalty. If there is a conflict the wife loses.


Is it alphabetical? (furniture, raccoons, skunk, wife?) Such that there could be a thing he was loyal to (the zoo perhaps?) that wife wins over?


KC - perhaps I have won versus the zoo. He used to have a zoo membership before we were married.

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