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September 20, 2020



I grew up in a slightly weird neighborhood - a home-y neighborhood at least half-filled with warm, grandparent-y people... that was literally one block away from a really skeezy large street (strip joints, alcohol store, bars, they've now added plasma donation and a porn store). So we were mostly very quiet and every once in a while something leaked over from the occasionally-crime-y large street.

At one point, someone took the "neighborhood watch" initiative to make a little neighborhood map with all the houses on it and got people to put their names and phone numbers on it, so if you saw someone in the bushes or entering their house by a window or something similarly questionable, you could call them and/or the police - presumably more useful now in the day of cell phones! (I locked myself out as a teenager and entered through a window I could open, and no one called the police on me, thankfully.) The list/map thing was only very occasionally useful, but when it was useful, it was *really* useful!

That said, it sounds like you may have neighbors you don't *want* to have your phone number, etc. so that may not be a good neighborhood name solution for you...


KC - I think maybe the modern-day equivalent of that would be those Ring doorbells. Evidently if you get one there are sites where you can connect with your neighbors and compare notes.


There's also NextDoor; we got a mailer for it but I am the reverse of enthused about giving a social media company actual information about me.

We do actually have the cell phone numbers of our immediate neighbors; it's helpful, and has been especially helpful in the time of dumping squash on peoples' doorsteps because we don't want to personally see them because of COVID and people around here not necessarily wearing masks or staying 6ft away. :-)


Wow! I have always thought that it was just us apartment dwellers who didn't know our neighbors. I guess my idea of suburbia comes from my childhood where we knew neighbors from several of the houses on our street. Maybe this anonymity is another effect of working women, as it was my mother who made friends (or enemies) with the neighbors.

KC -Next-door doesn't seem too intrusive to me, aside from too many emails. I look at it mostly just to see whose dog or cat is own the run.


KC - I have given my cell number to neighbors when we go on extended vacations. I really doubt they still have it.
Arlene - I think you are right: my mom worked after we came back from Texas and her attitude about neighbors changed dramatically.

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