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September 30, 2020



Trevor Noah suggested debate moderators use a spray bottle. He says it will keep Trump quiet because his hair "turns into a gremlin when it gets wet."

I can understand if the undecided voters (all ten of them) didn't get much out of the debate, but I'm one of the 31% who found the debate entertaining. I really enjoyed it.

Biden's campaign has put out a new shirt with a pic of Trump and the words "Shut up, Man." I thought Biden looked stronger against Trump than the several Republicans in the 2015 primaries.


Arlene - I saw that Trevor Noah bit! That was hilarious. I would have enjoyed the debate if I had taken a break. The relentless 90 minute schedule was too much for me.


I’m so very tired and afraid, something I’ve never been (or let myself be). The hubs and I were originally hoping to go to Scotland this November for our combined b-days/anniversary, but obviously had to cancel. Still taking the week of Nov 2nd (as usual) off to stay home for day trips (and in case the apocalypse happens, lol?). I want to believe common sense and human decency/caring will prevail, but I have a feeling that’s wishful thinking in the extreme.


Lisa - this year is the worst ever. The extended hell of 2020 was nothing compared to this.

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