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September 13, 2020



We are at Near Maximum Hunker, but lots of people... aren't. (an elderly relative who is theoretically "playing it safe" is hoping to get to an estate sale this week because they're advertising an item he wants. AN ESTATE SALE. INDOORS. And the local university is remaining open with in-person classes even though about 2% of the student body is known to be active with COVID right now; it's probably substantially worse than that since the testing positivity rate is abysmal and thus there are probably at least as many people as that sick-but-presently-unaware [in other words: 100-person lecture classes: statistically likely to have 2 cases in them].)

So! Yes. That's... a thing. That many people are really not hunkering at all, and thus, hey, now two of the local nursing homes have rampant infection. So I am guessing Dr. Fauci was not telling the people who *really* already hunkering (who are staying in their homes and backyards and quarantining everything that comes into their house for three days before touching it with their hands) to hunker harder, but telling the people who are making all sorts of "exceptions" (ESTATE SALE) or who are not hunkering at all, to hunker harder.

I do think we'll need a fair bit of... adjustment... to our economic and other systems to actually manage the pandemic with fewer people dying. With current attitudes in the executive branch, I doubt that'll be happening before January. BUT maybe if we get actual federal pandemic management starting in January, then we'll be able to have a less "hunker or probably die" situation for those with less than stellar immune systems in the US? At least enough that getting in-person medical care isn't a life-or-death risk? Maybe? (I threw out my shoulder this week badly enough that I would normally have wanted to go in to see a doctor and get guidance on what to do with it in terms of stretching/exercise/immobilization, because I had no clue what to do. But looking at the known local infection rates right now: nope; instead I got what turns out to have been fairly good advice from Dr. Google. But Dr. Google's advice is... not always great... so there is that. I am really happy my shoulder is improved! But I would like it to not be as risky of a choice as it currently is to go sit in a waiting room with maybe 25 local people sharing the air for half an hour or so.)

I guess: there are a lot of things that seem impossible that can in fact be done. We'll see what ends up being necessary, and I'll remain extremely grateful for both the internet and a yard. :-)


KC - at least people in a waiting room are not singing or talking. At least, they weren’t last Tuesday when I was there.


People in my GP's waiting room are often talking (lots of people go to the waiting room accompanied, for whatever reason - this isn't something I remember from GPs in other places we've lived?), and there are often kids, who are often talking (I mean, or screaming, which if it's a small child with an acutely painful ear infection or something, yeah, that makes a lot of sense, to be honest).

Not singing, though! And aside from the parent-child dynamics, which sometimes involve shouting things like "don't get into the potted plant!" or "don't lick the coffee table!" and such, most of the talking is in a subdued tone, so there's also that. I have no idea how compliant or not people are with mask-wearing in the waiting room; I would guess "not" to a fair degree, though. Anyway, I'm staying out if I possibly can until the local active case numbers go down, because this is bonkers (I mean: 10x the current known case load by population vs. St. Louis, approximately? And also this waiting room is kind of a zoo sometimes.).

Anyway! Approximately max hunkering going on here. :-)


I never see children in my GPS waiting room, ever. Many old people, though. I wonder why.
I am committed to hunkering, but something needs to happen. I have had enough. Maybe a days road trip in which we staY entirely in the car.


That's interesting! I wonder what the demographic deal is?

Day road trip where you don't expose yourself to people sounds good! And also plausibly doable, esp. if you go on a weekday.

You probably would not get the Exotic Thrill that kids get from it if you stayed in a tent in your backyard, but if that does sound to you like it might mix things up, that would also be an option in addition to the road trip while still hunkering?

Oh, and how are the strawberry plants doing? Have the squirrels destroyed them, or are they still alive? (I mean, I guess a Garden Tower And Strawberry And Rabbit Spinach Update could be a blog post. I am curious, though!)


KC - a blue jay developed a Perlite habit and took out about four of them. But I still have nine. I am trying to figure how to pinch off the strawberry runners because everything looks like a runner. I harvested the spinach and made spinach artichoke dip with the cup of blanched spinach it made.


If there is one leaf on the end of a stem, do not pinch it off. If the stem goes to a nodule which is growing more than one leaf, (or that has only one leaf but is trying to put down roots!) then it's a runner, pinch it off.

Spinach artichoke dip sounds like an excellent solution. Good work. :-)


KC - good to know. Thank you.

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