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September 12, 2020



Yeah, there is "encouraging people to remain calm" (good, usually, to some degree) and then there is "pretend there is no problem and specifically encourage people to do things that would make everything worse" (bad).

Given the number of things Trump has tried to scare people with (your suburbs will be invaded by antifa criminals! your religious rights are under attack! you're under attack!), I am... extremely dubious... about the calm claim in itself, even if it were argued that he was just totally incompetent at telling people to remain calm - that he somehow couldn't tell people to remain calm while not yelling "hoax!" and discouraging mask-wearing or other safety measure; that it's somehow impossible to communicate that people should remain calm without adding the suggestion that injecting antiseptics would fix the virus probably. (That said, I do remain baffled as to what he *was* doing/thinking at all these stages, because... yeah. It's all quite weird.)(maybe it's an argument for after he is out of office that actually it's mental illness so he shouldn't be jailed because he's been incompetent for the full statute of limitations?)


KC - all we needed was “stay calm and do X” and we got “stay calm and do nothing.”


Well, stay calm and come to rallies and "take back" your state if they have Democratic governance was not helpful. But yes, a pandemic-reducing X would have been helpful!


KC - evidently CNN will have more damning stuff tonight 9/14


I hope more people will be convinced away from Trump; I am not sure what it'd take, though, given what we already know?

I mean: I didn't understand at all, given what was known about him before he was elected, how he could possibly get elected. Serial adulterer, reality TV show bully, frequent problematic probably-criminal-but-hard-to-convict business dealings, incompetence, publicly requesting that Russia hack things [how was that even *legal*???], continual unapologetic lying. I do get that some people really do single-issue anti-abortion voting, but at *some* point things have to get hard enough to swallow that people stop doing it? Surely? Or is it a frog-in-the-boiling-water thing?


KC - I don’t know - supposedly he has reached peace in the Middle East as of this morning.

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