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September 23, 2020



Hooray for no new lesions! And brains are very weird.

I'd vote for "you haven't been using the word 'because' and therefore have no data on how you spelled/misspelled it before" - but it's possible that's only because that's the most optimistic of the outcomes presented? (if our brains or computers are saving up for revenge - depending on what you meant by autocorrect - I'm in trouble...)


KC - I wonder if autocorrect keeps track. I would like to see a report of words I cannot spell.


In Windows, you can have your autocorrect keep track now, in theory (to "see what our AI has helped you with!" and I say NO THANKS just because the fewer records that are kept on me, the better). I don't know about other things.


KC - I wonder where that list is? I tried to find it in Word but I could not.


Search in Windows Settings for "Typing Insights" - but hmph, I just looked at it, and instead of, as labeled, showing you *how* Windows has "helped you" it instead just tallies the number of items in each autocorrect-y category. (at least, it tallies things on my computer and all the tallies are 0; it's possible that more advanced information is available if you actually have things it has fixed for you)

I don't know of any autocorrect tracking features in Word, though, so if Word is doing it rather than Windows, you're probably *also* out of luck. Sorry!

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