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August 06, 2020



Those FLOWERS! Oh, wow. "A little detail" does a lot.

(and now I see what you were planning to do with the bricks. That makes sense!)


KC - Thank you! I think they need a few thin layers still. They’re going to take a long time. Also ... I;m at the detail stage, which is the stage where things come alive, and as usual I’m so sick of it that I rush through the details. I would think that with two paintings in progress at the same time you wouldn’t have both in the details stage. Somehow it happened, though. I could jump ahead to coloring the sky in the crypts and leave the details on the crypt for a while.


Well, if it takes, say, 25% of the time to rough out a painting and then the remaining 75% is details, then it'd make sense that you'd end up detailing two at the same time?

But yes! If you're sick of detail, sky might be good. :-) And maybe once the crypts are done you can think of some magic abstract painting that has no details, to relieve you as you petal the flowers?


KC - well, I’ve been away from it for a few days so I’m not sick of detail any more. I could always start a new one, as well.


Taking breaks between sessions: also a good tactic! :-)

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