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August 04, 2020



First of all--Happy Birthday!
But, Gary is right about the Bio degree, We biologists are experts on everything! However, the looking for praise thing--pretty sure that's a gender related issue.


Yeah, there is "fix it yourself, it's fine" and then there's "call a repairman." Plumbing where there's a leak, or electrical work: almost always in the "call a repairman" category, unless you have someone else on hand *WITH RELEVANT EXPERIENCE.*

And no, I will not thank you for doing something I expressly said I did not want you to do. (except in cases where they were actually right, or cases where reflex takes over the brain.)


Arlene - well, the leak seems to have stopped, so I have softened. I have praised him multiple times, but always with the caveat that if the toilet suddenly plummets to the basement we will have words.
KC - when it isn’t “I can do that“ then it’s “there is no problem.” He is in deep denial about the electricity. He denies there’s a problem, even though no overhead electric works on one side of the house. Very frustrating.


Uh. If something doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Sometimes that's fine? But other times, it becomes time to get it fixed rather than perpetually working around it. Could that be the Techy Birthday Present Of The Year, overhead electric? (with fancy phone-controlled light bulbs in it if that makes it more of a thing for him, maybe?)


KC - I would say Work / Not Work / Failing. Many things in our house are in failing / rotting / sputtering status.


First, happy birthday month!
Second, since it is your birthday months, he needs to give in and call “the guy(s)”. He can complain about it all next month. You deserve a stress free birthday month!


Yeeep. Failing/rotting = needs to be fixed. (I'd probably wait to have less-urgent interior work done until after the pandemic, but if it's getting worse or Not Working or going to compound problems - like a back door threshold that is rotting - then: it's gotta be fixed properly. By repair people who have experience.)


Lisa and KC- he did say we could make plans for the work this year, but not do it. That’s a start.


Make ALL THE PLANS! And then as soon as you're both vaccinated, it's a deal! :-)


KC - I discovered last night that the water on the floor around the commode is — at least sometimes - from water getting into the exhaust vent. We have BOTH agreed to ignore this one.


Water getting into the exhaust vent? Fascinating. Like, shower steam condensing and then dripping back down? And yes, if that's not a problem in itself (like, mold in the ceiling or whatever - if the exhaust vent is adequately waterproof and the floor is adequately waterproof), then we can ignore the water on the floor. :-)

But all the other stuff? Make ALL THE PLANS! :-)


KC - from the outside! The vent of the roof is something that looks like a little gazebo, with a peaked roof and little windows around the sides. If the rain blows sideway it goes in the windows and drips down into the bathroom.


Yeah, that's the sort of thing where you go 'yep, the weather does that' and mop it up when it happens. No harm, no foul.

(but the other problems: get them fixed!)

(and hooray that your toilet isn't leaking somewhere!)


KC - still gotta get Gary on board.

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