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August 10, 2020



Writing is freaking hard!!! For most of us. I once read a survey of writers that asked them how they felt about the process. A few said they enjoyed it. Most said it was hard, hard, stressful work. These were successful writers.

My writing always starts with the free writing process. (It's a technique I learned in a college writing course.) It will include basics and any elements from research, plus any ideas that have popped into my head, which I may or may not decide to include or develop. Any thoughts (content or structure) I've had about whatever it is I'm trying to produce. It's not at all organized and I will certainly add things to it as I go. Then I write, then I edit and revise, edit and revise--ad nauseum. I'm definitely a "It's hard, stressful work" type of writer. But, I don't think I could write anything without a free writing start.
I eventually proceed from 'monkey at a typewriter' to material that can be published. (small audience, of course)


Arlene - I did free writing and revising with my character backstories. (I think everything but the last paragraph was later scrapped.) I have some scenes I wrote that are outside the outline. Themes and parallels keep popping up so I’m writing them down. But I need an outline. I find comfort in the seven point plot outline. After I wrote the post above I filled in three fourths of my outline. I think that’s because I write so slowly. The last half page took me an hour.


That all sounds normal to me. Hard, stressful work. Monkey at a typewriter. Then edit and revise.


Arlene - thank you. That is comforting and encouraging.

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