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August 01, 2020



I guess, on the plus side, Baseball COVID will generate at least a small amount of data on whether COVID causes long-term respiratory and fatigue effects when applied to people in peak physical condition, as it appears to do for some percentage (which appears to be greater than the hospitalization percentage) in the general population?

But, uh, we'd rather not find this out by 1. ending peoples' careers and/or 2. potentially killing them. So. I would not have *recommended* having a baseball season, I guess, is what I'm saying.


KC - I’d rather no human was a guinea pig for a fatal disease. I wonder if they’ll be immune given the fine specimens that they are.


Yeah. Agreed on not opting in to have any humans be guinea pigs for decently-fatal diseases. It would have been nice if the US had collectively decided *not* to spread COVID instead of making the choices that were made. But given what we have, at least the bulk-testing of athletes will give some data on that, which is the "silver lining to the extremely lousy and ill-chosen situation" aspect.

It's quite possible that athletes would be more likely to be asymptomatic carriers or just have very mild versions, and so far I don't think we have any data indicating Bad Outcomes for asymptomatic carriers? So there's that. I doubt they'll be actually immune, though, and would also expect that *some* percentage of athletes would end up sick-sick, given that athletic capability and serious cardiopulmonary health do not guarantee excellent and competent immune systems.


KC - you would think they would stay healthy given they probably don’t have the underlying conditions that seem to make others vulnerable. They still haven’t said which players have it.


Well, the outcomes range from "totally asymptomatic" to "asymptomatic except you temporarily lose your sense of smell" to "mild cold/flu" to "severe cold/flu" to "hospitalization" to "death" - and I don't think we actually have data on whether anything "mild" and below has long-term effects (there are people who dodged hospitalization who still have severe breathing and fatigue problems months later, though; at least one of those I know about was very physically active beforehand and is Very Annoyed at this junk messing with their previously-routine hour-long bike rides).

Anyway, maybe the league will generously provide the data they have to scientists. I do think it's a bit odd to not provide the names, given the Public Figure status and the possibility of contact tracing (unless these players have been isolating well and thus don't *have* contacts outside their family and their team and staff, which is possible!).


KC - it’s three players now, plus some staff members. And yes, very odd they won’t say the names. They have been isolating in the hotel in ... Milwaukee, I think?


Because hey, it's contagious! Sigh. I hope it doesn't snag more of them, and hope they all get off asymptomatically or at least lightly.

Maybe there's some sort of policy about the names?

Sorry they're stuck in a hotel in Milwaukee. I mean, nothing against Wisconsin, but if they *feel* sick, home is generally way nicer than hotel (barring those moms where being actually not-at-home and in a hotel is the only refuge from everlasting demands, and similar "home is not actually a good place to *rest*" situations).


KC -Boooooo! Yadi is infected.

All the names have been released but the most important is Yadi, our catcher.

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