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July 31, 2020



Yeah, see, I would not use that reasoning if loyalties were reversed - I would say "then we need to open up more/larger polling places, it's cheaper than many of the alternatives."

I also have concerns about court challenges and absentee ballots being tossed for inadequate reason. And a state whose laws I've been most interested in has one that COVID-based absentee voting without notarization is allowable *only as long as the national state of emergency continues* so if that state of emergency gets cancelled the night before election day, after all the absentee ballots are already in the mail, and then reinstated after Election Day... uh. Yeah. Would someone actually do that? I don't know. But: I don't know, and that perturbs me.


Oh! Also, I think the notarization is just a "this signature on this envelope was signed by person with this name on their ID" sort of thing. I think.


KC - I only had one thing notarized ever and she said she had to witness the actual act of my signing it, but she might have just been officious.


Here in Nebraska, voting by mail requires one to sign the outside of the envelope--so maybe KC is right about notarization?
Nebraska website says they use "robust signature verification." I guess that means comparing with a signature on file from when we initially registered as no notary required.
Our governor encourages voting by mail --every registered voter gets a postcard to use to request a mail-in ballot. Nebraska is a "no excuse" state so we can vote absentee without worrying about justification. After reading your post, I'm feeling like our Republican governor is fairly enlightened.
I think voting is going to be a mess in many states.


Right: witnessing the act of signing doesn't mean they see anything else other than the signature (since the signature isn't on the ballot itself). I mean, I guess you *could* show them the ballot, but for all they know, you've just got a blank piece of paper in the envelope!

But still: notaries are potential transmission vectors themselves, *and* (at present, at least) there aren't enough notaries to go around. *And* there are all of those problems noted with the mail-in/absentee ballots (plus, actually, I think our state doesn't even count them if things are adequately decisive without them, and really: I want my vote to be counted, thanks). So. Yes.


Arlene - I want to live in Nebraska. Much less complex.
KC - Well it’s all moot, because Gary is 66 and I’m immune compromised, so we get to skip the notary - and actually that’s only for mail in absentee. We also have the option of in person absentee where you vote on your absentee ballot at the voting authority office.


I'm planning on mailing my ballot in plenty early. Have you read where the new postmaster general (big Trump donar) is mucking up the efficiency of mail delivery?
Maybe there's an option of placing the ballot in a collection box? I have to check for NE.


Arlene - oh yes - that’s WHY we’re using the in-person absentee voting

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