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July 19, 2020



I did not know that skunks stomped before spraying - I assume if adequately startled they skip that step?

And hooray for Gary not being directly in the line of fire! (if he had been, do you have some sort of shed or tent he could live in for a... while...?)

But: see a skunk, run away, live to not-stink another day...


Gary has an amusing view of skunks. And, right about the cuteness of a skunk communicating its alarm. One early morning, I surprised (it was mutual) a mother and two babies and got to observe the stomp. I very quietly backed away.


KC - Steps vary between skunk breeds. We have no spotted skunks, those skunks walk on their hands right before the big spray. And it takes a skunk a month to store up more stink, so they only really use it if all the warning have been ignored. Lucky for Gary it was a baby skunk and was not fully armed yet.
Arlene - Gary realized that when he is threatened by wild animals, like water buffalo, his reaction is to compliment them. See

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