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July 05, 2020



Same! We borrowed the account of a friend specifically to watch Hamilton and nothing else. It was worth the danger of arrest and jail. I tend to follow the same pattern with anything super successful: a) hear about it everywhere, b) express total disinterest at becoming a pop culture sheep, c) five years later, "discover" it, fall in love with it, watch a million behind-the-scenes YouTube videos about it, and talk about nothing else on my social media streams.

So it is with Hamilton.

We did watch it with the closed captioning on, though, and I think that was worth it. Now I am kind of bitter that we don't actually own our own account so I can't watch it six more times this week, as I would usually do with a new obsession. Sigh.


Lynn - oh, my, you are like Gary. He stubbornly sets himself against anything popular. It took years to get him to watch Breaking Bad. He hasn’t seen Mad Men. I do still have my Disney subscription for the rest of the month, but I haven’t used it. I’ve just watched King George’s songs on repeat on YouTube.

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