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July 11, 2020



Trollope's description of Vavasor's work ethic reflected his own. Apparently, he woke up early every morning so he could get in a few hours of writing time before he went off to his real job. He aimed for a certain number of words every morning. In other words, he was a "pot boiler" sort of writer and that kind of ruined his reputation when that became known--public thought novels should be driven by inspiration, rather than discipline.

Your mother's note on "The Prime Minister" may refer to the vulgarity of the political machinations. "The Prime Minister" and "The Duke's Children" are my favorites of the Palliser novels. I really must read them again, but I have so many other books in line first.


Arlene - I think it was a comment on lady Eustace and on Fernando Lopez, Emily’s crass husband.

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