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July 04, 2020



Yeah, "trusted to do the right thing" seems, in the case of masks, to be more of a statement that there would be too much pushback if they required people to wear masks, which is sort of... the opposite? Unless you've got a full batch of people who will do the right thing but *only* if they're not told to do it...

Big Dot

Plenty of competition for the Darwin Awards this year.


Here in Nebraska, we constantly hear our governor say that Nebraskans can be trusted to do the right thing. Ha!
He does recommend masks, but doesn't make it a requirement in many cases.

I did a curbside pickup the other day. It was hot so I had the windows down while I waited. One older guy right at my window to for no particular reason.. One young woman actually put her head into my car to pet my dog. Both wearing masks, but well below their noses. Unclear on the concept!


KC - Catering to those who value what they say are their rights as Americans. I don’t get why this is not a national emergency with nationwide mask orders. It’s not like the virus crosses a river and says, “oh, turn back, not finding a host here, this is Montana.”
Big Dot - I confess I think that way too. Did this nonsense happen in other countries? I haven heard anything about the politicization of public health in other countries.
Arlene - well that’s just crazy. Do they think a mask is a fashion accessory?


Well, if everyone stayed put in Montana and no one traveled, the virus *would* have a pretty hard time getting from one end of the state to the other (as opposed to some states where there's a line of suburbia stretching from edge to edge), but yes. Are there humans? COVID can work with this...

(also: I read a comment on a blog post a few weeks ago that basically said "given how people have been wearing masks, I suddenly understand the high failure rate for contraception." and I laughed and laughed.)


KC - that’s hilarious, and I am sure you are right, only - couldn’t the virus travel on bats?

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