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July 28, 2020



And not on Mars! Excellent.

(And yes. It is terrifically easy to screw up color.)


Fortunately, the makers of all the little techie things we love have figured out that they would sell more if they make them very user friendly


KC - Only one “right” and millions of “wrongs.” I’m glad they limited the choices.
Arlene - it’s just amazing how intuitive some things can be. Remember how easy it was to use the first iPod? Put your finger on the circle and figure it out.


Yeah - and after you look at the "wrongs" for a while, they start looking more normal. (at least, this has been my experience with photo editing and adjusting color/saturation - it's easy to overdo it into technicolor and hard to "see" after you've been staring at it and changing it millimeter by millimeter for a half hour or whatever. I sort of wonder whether that process of adjustment to their new normal is what happens to the people who edit down - make skinny - models' legs or whatever in magazines.)


KC - yes. I would hope the skinny leg makers have a quality assurance person who can come in with fresh eyes and restore reasonable expectations.

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