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June 04, 2020



Maybe some wedge/triangle/leaf-shadow dark spots in the Intestinal Shrubbery? I don't know.

I'm really liking the reeds/leaning grass in the lower middle-right, myself! (and honestly, on the whole it's looking good, but yes, a little more contrast would probably help)

Re: lilacs; some of them *are* lighter than others, so there's that; you can call it the one fluke blossom from the lilac tree that got snipped to go in this bowl. :-) But that's also looking *very* good!


KC - thank you. You aren’t going to recognize the cenote next week. I have big plans.


Uh oh... ;-)

I look forward to what you come up with! (which differs from my attitude towards many public figures, so hey, you've got that going for you!)


KC - I hear you about the public figures.

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