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June 01, 2020





Have your local rabbits been reading Watership Down?

I personally wouldn't really want to block up the hole in case you then end up with dead rabbits under the house, but I would generally tilt towards not encouraging them to live there rent-free (although maybe rabbits do not carry any pestilences? do they host ticks?). Maybe the answer is ferrets? I don't know...


KC - I myself have never read Watership Down, though it is one of Gary’s favorite books. And they have two other ways out in the side yard.


If they've got other exits, then it's just a matter of how committed (or not) you are to blocking off this specific one. (well, that and how much you want to humor the Clearly Feverish One [Fiver? is that you?]).

Watership Down is a fascinating book. Does he like it for its political/sociological satire, or the cute fuzzy bunnies, or the Hero Winning Against Odds, or the descriptions of the countryside, or something else?


KC - knowing him, it’s the satire. I bet he has forgotten it entirely, though. He has nine books on his nightstand, otherwise I would suggest that he read it again.


Some people read it as kids and have everything except "rabbit adventure story" go over their heads and then read it again as adults go "WAIT! The militant warren of rabbits is fascism!!!" and have their minds blown. :-) I failed to read it as a kid, since I assumed it was a shipwreck book, and thus first read it in my early 20s or so and at that point was like "wait. People suggest *kids* read this?" But they do! And they read straight over some of the more appalling things in it because of how the language is couched (a bit like with the Little House on the Prairie books; as a kid, I totally missed how many times they almost died and also missed the ongoing tug-of-war between Ma and Pa; as an adult, uh, wow, but yes, it's written in such a way that it is *possible* to miss that the prairie fire would have killed them all, etc.).


KC - but we know how to make candy out of maple syrup and snow and that pig tails are tasty.


Vital life lessons! I'll grant the maple-syrup/snow candy *is* really good, though.

(I do not want to play ball with an inflated pig bladder, however.)

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