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June 21, 2020



Poor cast iron pan. Good work on reconditioning it, though! :-)

Cast iron pans would likely not be damaged by earthquakes unless they were functionally, structurally linking the house to the ground, and I've never heard of someone suggesting cast iron frying pans for that...

(both cast iron pans and cast iron plumbing can suffer from rust, though, poor things.)


I love a rare/medium-rare steak with a good dark sear on it. Cast iron is the only way, but as much as I follow directions for conditioning my cast iron pan, it is never non-stick. I have read that cast iron in a restaurant is cleaned well with soap (maybe a Brillo pad) due to Health Dept. regulations.
I don't know if Gary had this problem, but I have found it necessary to turn on all fans and air cleaners before I start Otherwise, smoke alarms..


KC - Gary made a steak on it yesterday, so I had to give it another coat.
Arlene - absolutely smoke alarms. Also, mine was never non-stick until I built up about 10 coats for a half hour each at 400-500 degrees.

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