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June 26, 2020



The crazy thing: my dad actually bargained with the Sheraton to buy some of their on-the-way-out towels [so large! so cheap!], and thus we had (slightly damaged) Sheraton towels in the towel rotation for part of my childhood.

Amazingly, those towels vanished. None of the other towels from my childhood vanished, but those towels did. Which makes me wonder if my also-extremely-thrifty but partly-shame-based mother had a hand in some Selective Donation...


KC - that’s hilarious! Did she hide the Sheraton towels when guests came? My mom did that with our hotel towel.


There were Guest Towels that came out clean whenever people were coming over for a gathering, and the Family Use Towels (bath towels et al) all vanished when Guests were coming, so: yes, technically, but not precisely.

(I do not know if she ever made a frantic towel-sweep when people came over unexpectedly. I was not a terrifically observant child about such things - it only now occurs to me that the Sheraton towels existed for a few years and then... stopped being around, both in use and in the front of the towel cupboard.)


KC - I confess I am going to start instituting guest towels. It’s remarkable how shabby a white towel can look, even with bleach, given our constant hand washing.


Yeah, I enthusiastically endorse guest towels and do not feel there should be any shame in that. I don't want to throw away all our towels at the first sign of fraying/whatever [see: there is this thing called an "environment"], *but* also recognize that when you do not know the circumstances of washing, a new-looking towel *feels* more clean than an ancient-looking towel, and thus: guest towels, because having guests feel comfortable is good, and not throwing towels away before you have to is good, and this way you can have both! With minimal expense and bother!

(for similar reasons we had pump hand soap that we put out whenever guests were over; we use bar soap to dodge the excess plastic and the storage space, but would rather give people the choice! And then the pump soap goes back on the shelf until the next gathering and we only have to buy more once a year or so.)

(okay: there is no shame in guest towels unless 1. you are faking it and pretending that These Handwoven Linen Towels Are Just What We Always Use For Ourselves Of Course Please Pay No Attention To The Dollar-Store Towels Behind The Curtain, 2. if you put out the ancient, holey towels for your guests and keep the nice ones for yourself [exception: if you are hosting mud-wrestling, etc.], or 3. if there is malicious intent inherent in the particular decorated guest towel - if you make your guests wipe their hands on the face of a politician that they respect, for instance. But really: I think guest towels are a great option.)


KC - the Ethics of guest towels. It’s all moot, since no one has set foot in my house for ... gosh, a year now at least.


Yeah, this is not the time for guest towels to get used. But we hope for a vaccine! :-)

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