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June 14, 2020



I'd love it if something else turned out to be more *positively* significant than COVID, but yeah. (I mean: if the US *actually* dismantled racism *and* remained a functional country through the end of the year rather than going civil-war-y, that'd probably honestly be historically bigger than COVID? but unlikely. Aside from, yes, the return of Christ, I'm not sure what other positive candidates we have, and I'd love to see *no* candidates for beating COVID at being lousy, really?)("Our First Civil War" or "Ebola: Aren't You Glad You Had Some Toilet Paper Before You Died?" are things I'd be good with not having this or any year...)


KC - yeah. Dr. Fauci will be Time’s Person of the Year. That’s another given.


I have disagreed with a lot of Time's Person of the Year pronouncements, but we'll see! Also it is June. I do not feel safe "calling" it yet, for the aforementioned "dude, things *keep happening* this year" reasons. But it does seem reasonable, at this point in time, to expect! (you've seen the videos with Julie explaining the pandemic to her past self, right?)


KC - I howled at that Julie video!

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