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June 02, 2020



Yes. It's obnoxious to end up with "leftover" medications, but so much better to have it on hand so you can revert rapidly if something in the swap goes awry (which I hope it doesn't!). :-)

Hope all goes smoothly! (and I also have no idea what the deal is on the fridge vs. room temp thing - if you ever find out, I would be curious!)


KC - all I can think is that each pill is the same size but has different amounts of the active ingredient, so the filler must require refrigeration to be stable?


A filler that isn't shelf-stable *would* be an interesting curve ball! It might be that the medication needs itself to be stable, though - that in quantities over this amount, it is fairly stable, but when diluted past that, it becomes less stable? (like how rapidly aluminum foil dissolves vs. the same amount of aluminum shaped like a pellet, although that's mostly just vulnerability based on surface area. I don't know.)


KC - it is a mystery. You would think the internet would have the answer. But no.

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