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May 28, 2020



Sorry for the un-improvements, but the improvements do look good, at least! :-)

And whew, that's zippy work on the copper bowl with flowers!


KC - I think the copper bowl will provide some quick reinforcement. I stopped aiming at anything with the cenote, and that’s why I fell it isn’t progressing to even an accurate representation.


Yeah, once you stop knowing what you're going for, progress is often slow and uncertain and step-forward-step-back-ish, because you don't know until you do something whether it's going to be "towards" or "away" particularly.

I hope copper bowl supports you well!


KC - I anticipate it will be fun - looks like it’s all loose until the detail stage.


Love both the pond and the copper bowl. I specifically like the tree in the most recent painting. And the variant shades of lavender are lovely!


Lisa - thank you Lisa!

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