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May 14, 2020



Sorry about Unfortunate Bouffant Shrub. I think the "tongue" can be fixed/improved by giving it more internal contrast/texture to make clear that it is a branch rather than a single unit?

And congratulations on the teacup becoming less blurry! It is an accomplishment to move with guts from "blurry but sort of looks right" to "we're going to pin this thing down even if it ends up not quite like we want it" even if... it ends up not quite like we want it.

(also, I like your lemon slice better than theirs. Pbbt.)


KC - I like the table edge. And the napkin.


The table edge (and the wood grain on the table is just ooooh!) and the napkin are both really good, too! (but I still say you beat the book on the lemon wedge; I am less qualified to judge table edges and napkins, though.)


KC - thank you. My slice does have a little more movement.

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