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May 08, 2020



It is *fascinating* what foods we crave, and how eating things that are not-that-food sometimes satiate the craving and sometimes just... don't.

(for me: spinach. Give me all the spinach. Except don't, because my digestive system stopped tolerating spinach a decade ago and I MISS IT.)


Thank goodness for low carb diets. Only way I've ever been able to lose weight. But, now I want comfort food--pasta, bread, potatoes, pie and ice cream. It would be interesting to know how much collective weight Americans will gain during our stay-at-home time.

KC I love spinach too. Has been shown to prevent the progression of age-related Macular degeneration. (Which I had been diagnosed with--so I did research.) Bausch and Lomb studies show ed that their expensive Preservision product helped limit the progression to blindness. Same study showed that eating lots of foods like spinach and kale worked even better. B&L does not advertise that fact.


KC - I like raw spinach. Cooked spinach is slime.
Arlene - me too. I’ve compromised so that I avoid sugar and potatoes, but allow breads. Interesting about the MD.


I am a weirdo; I like it raw, I like it steamed, I like it sauteed, I like it in soups. I even like canned spinach. (I do not like raw, slimy spinach, however; it needs to not be well on the road to decomposition.

Arlene: That is fascinating re: macular degeneration and totally unsurprising as to the research editing. I hope your supplies of kale and spinach and co. are holding strong! :-)


I actually had to google to see what hush puppies are. I seem to be missing a major part of my diet here. Going to look into making them at home because I have no idea where to get such little pieces of (I assume) heaven!


KC - I like raw baby spinach. Don’t like canned or creamed.
Lynn - to make them at home most recipes say you need self-rising cornmeal, which I do not have and don’t even know where to get. I think this is the only recipe that uses regular cornmeal:
I don’t know if it’s even edible, though.

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