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May 10, 2020



Peonies! Without! Ants!

May your efforts be successful!

(if it doesn't work, though: can you put those anti-ant rings around the base of individual peony bushes to get at least *one* that you can cut ant-free flowers from?)


KC - wait, what? There are anti-ant rings? I need to look that up for next year.


When one of our cherry trees had a serious aphid problem, one of the fixes for it was this... wide double-sided ant-unfriendly sticky tape?... [okay, the internet says it's called Tanglefoot] that you wrap around the trunk of the tree so ants have a really hard time getting up there. But there are also ant barriers or deterrents (homemade or for purchase) that you can make a ring of around whatever. (I mean, some ant-barrier insecticides are for circling your entire *house* with; but then there are DIY unpleasant-to-ants options, ranging from diatomaceous earth [fabulous inside if no pets - just don't breathe it - not sure whether it works outside] to things ants just hate the smell of.)

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