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May 06, 2020



Yeah. I got one of Trump's letters. Someone must have pointed out to him that people with direct deposit wouldn't see the signature on the check.
I do think Trump's signature reflects his mental state--maniacal agitation. It's hard to believe that mess is in the White House.

Yay! Gary doesn't have the plague.


I hope the liver numbers are good, and that whatever Gary *does* have heals up fast! (and also that he does not give it to you, because you do not need *any* plague at all.)

(if he does get a bladder infection out of it, I will be Very Curious.)


Arlene - I would say it’s surreal, but 2020 has raised the bar on what surreal means.
KC - I think it was a flu, just not the Covid flu.


I hope you do not get whatever flu it was, then!

(and yes. Can we quit raising the bar on what surreal means, and quit having real news headlines that *should* be straight out of the Onion, and quit lowering the standards for sanity and truthfulness in elected officials, maybe? Maybe even this year?)


KC - not till after Jan 20, 2021, I suspect

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