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May 17, 2020



The Italy obituary page bulk for a while there was... really something.

That said, yes, not everything is COVID-related, although an amazing number of things are indirectly COVID-related, since it's messing with everyone and everything and thus is probably an ingredient in the Decision Brain Smoothie for lots of stuff.

But you can probably look at the obituaries page for a specific local newspaper vs. the obituary page for one year ago and see whether there's a volume difference? It's a little unclear in some areas how many people are dying of COVID because there are areas they're just not testing many people, and they don't tend to test people after they're dead, I think? Anyway. For some people, it's just a nuisance (because they're working from home with those pluses and minuses, and dealing with grocery differences and shipping delays and all that) but for many, it's... really something else...


KC - I’ve just now looked and my area only has 1,400 case and 71 deaths. Still, the curve is going up and gou Gun exponentially. The odds that nine fresh graves are due to the carina virus is very slim.

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