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May 15, 2020


Big Dot

Of course mishearing lyrics has been a thing since forever, but even when you get them right, they often make no sense If the tune is good enough, they get away with it - and no-one can accuse Elton of not writing a good tune. I don’t think Bernie would complain much about the performance. He’s done ok out of it.

Modern poetry, dammit. Seems to me if the words sound good together, they’re let off making sense. It does bug me, always has, MA in Eng Lit notwithstanding. I never found the key to it, to my shame. But at least, in a song, the music glosses that over. It’s why I’ve listened over and over, recently, to The Stable Song from some forgettable movie. Can’t fathom it, but I love the sound of the words and music together.

Big Dot

Also, apparently they’re unusual in starting with the lyrics, not the music, though it seems more sensible to me. How songs get written is just another mystery to me. Seems impossible.


Big Dot - The guitar in your stable song reminds my of Sufjan Stevens and his song Casimir Pulaski Day.
I know of one Barenaked Ladies song inspired because Steven Page saw a sign for Barbecued Lamb, $4,.95, and a tune for that came into his head, just like Paul Mcartney and Scrambled Eggs leading to Yesterday.

Big Dot

Did you listen to the version backed by the Colorado orchestra? That’s my favourite. I don’t know that SS (unfortunate) song, I’ll look it up.

Musicians, eh? They’re a mystery to pedestrian souls like mine. But I’m glad they access that other dimension for me, by whatever means. (*cough* I believe it was toast and jam, rather than scrambled eggs. Still breakfasty though).

Big Dot

Yes, I like that sound. Thought that plinky-plunky thing was a banjo? But now to your superior guitar knowledge. My favourite of his is still All the Trees though.


I do love Elton John. And ,I can never understand any song's lyrics. My method--just turn it up loud and howl along with the music.


Big Dot. - as it turns out I saw the official video with the orchestra. And thank you for identifying that as a banjo. I don’t have the Seven Swans album at all. I’ll have to get that. Also, I am certain it was scrambled eggs, because it rhymed with “I love your legs.”
Arlene - for me to have a full music experiences I have to have lyrics. There’s something about having more than one brain part fire at once in music that’s key. Must be why I like happy songs about sad things and why Big Dot likes the Symphony / banjo combo.


Word to this. Recently the song "Crocodile Rock" came up when were were listening to music at home, and my kids asked me what he was saying, and I looked it up just to be sure, and it turned out I had NO idea. How did Elton John get so famous when he apparently can't enunciate at all?

My husband likes to listen to slow jam covers of famous upbeat pop songs by nameless people on Spotify. I would like to propose that we find some nameless interested party to re-record Elton's entire oeuvre in a slow, acoustic style so we can actually appreciate Bernie's lyrics. SHEESH.


Lynn - right? I mean, at least he would get some love back in the day when there were liner notes, but digitally no one will ever see his words. That’s sad.

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