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May 31, 2020



Wait, the... meds are doing the right thing but are causing fever and misery? Oy.

(also, while I would not want to wait in a car for over an hour, I wish we had a drive-up blood draw!)


KC - sure - there’s always that 6 weeks adjustment phase while you have all the side effects.


Everything is so weird these days. My pup has been sick ($5K in May). Three vets/animal hospitals. One place communicates/consults by phone, one by text, and one by email. Sometime a long wait as Vet/Tech forgets you are waiting.


Arlene - oh no! To have a sick pup and then not be able to care for him the most efficient way must be extra hard.


It was scary. First surgery to remove a piece of toy that was blocking her intestines. She's recovered fine. Then at 10pm Memorial Day, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Following lots of meds, iv infusions, etc. she's doing better.

re: Gary 9 weeks is a long time to have a fever. Particularly nervous-making in these pandemic soaked times.


Arlene - I know! His check for Lyme disease came back negative. So that’s a relief, but on the other hand he isn’t feeling better.
Hey - maybe Gary swallowed a toy.
That said I hope your pup feels all better soon.

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