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May 20, 2020



This disease has made life so weird, and yet can you imagine if you never had to evolve the butt-bumping ritual? I'm not a big silver linings person, but (hee hee, but)....


Allison - I like it better now than the perfunctory kiss. It’s a keeper.


Honestly, I think it's the ridiculous bits of marriage that are some of the very best. :-)

(and perfunctory kisses are not my favorites,anyway. In preference, give me something where both people are actually paying attention, please. Or full-contact snuggling with whatever happy neurochemicals it produces. Or, apparently, potentially baboon-butt-rubbing...)


KC - I’d rather have NO kiss than a perfunctory kiss.


YEP. (unless really starved for physical contact, probably; there *might* be situations where a perfunctory kiss beats out no kiss. But... I do not believe I have run into those situations yet.)


KC - I was just telling Gary all the things I will do to him when he’s better.


Is he hiding behind a fortress of shoes under the bed yet? :-)


KC - nope

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