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May 19, 2020



We... do not really like... risk/reward tradeoffs that are painful. Harrumph.

I hope Mayzent treats you really well! :-)


If it helps to know, I found the second dose of Shingrix to be significantly easier than the first.


KC - I have found that Tylenol cuts the pain in half. Plus, I’m 57, I can take it. I’d hate to be 90 and have to put up with this.
Donna (hi, Donna!) - that does make me feel better; thank you for sharing!


Ugh. And Ugh. And Ugh but also a little bit haha. You are very good at transforming misery into laughter. I hope this is the worst you have to endure on this journey.


I got my first dose of the Shingrix vaccine in February--don't remember my arm hurting much. Wonder why yours was so painful. I still haven't gotten the second shot. My doc says that can wait up to 6 months for 2nd shot--at least 6 months is as far out as has been tested. Hopefully, I will feel safe going back to CVS by that time.

The thing that irritates me is that, as of this year, all the Medicare-D insurance plans (Medicare supplement for drugs) are now able to add a deductible for certain drugs. This new policy means I have to pay for both shots ($177 X 2) out of pocket. That effectively doubles the cost of my drug policy. Mostly I am bothered by tRump touting the fact early this year that he wouldn't allow Medicare-D to increase in price. True if you don't use it,


Allison - I hope so too!
Arlene - yikes! That’s absurd . I’d better check my plan - I already met my deductible. That’ll be annoying if more gets tacked on.


If you didn't end up with the vomiting, etc., then yes, a dose of pain that can be substantially diminished by Tylenol isn't... well it isn't *that* bad, anyway?

(also highly in agreement with Allison as to your conjuring powers of turning misery into laughter. :-) )


KC - it was gone after a day and a half. Not bad at all - I just wasn’t prepared for it , somehow, even though I had been warned.

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