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April 09, 2020



I could be totally wrong, but I think that it's that the areas of reflection/refraction of light are more emphatic on the lemons than on the leaves at present? But this is not my area of specialty, and the only reason I spotted that is because one thing being lit differently from another is one of those ways of spotting things that have been photoshopped in. :-)


KC - yes - the light source looks opposite on the leaves vs lemons - but I swear that's how it is in the book. - I went downstairs and checked against the book, and the dark parts of the lemon, and in fact all of the lemon, is far more orange than I have it here. Perhaps that’s what’s wrong - it’s accurate but it just can’t hold up next to the green.


In the book, do they have a photo of the still-life, or just a painting that was putatively made from a still-life? (but if whatever-is-in-the-book looks wrong, then go off-book? Because knowing that *technically* what you have painted is Correct provides a small amount of satisfaction, but usually not as much satisfaction as being actually pleased with what you have painted.)


KC - actually I just recently finished it, I wanted to do this one in particular, because it looks “loose,” and looseness is what I’m working on. You’ll see - it does not look loose.


Loose is hard. (at least, hard for me. I suspect there are personality/detail-liking reasons for this.) But I look forward to seeing what you came up with! :-)


KC - the lemons turned out way too pat, but the cenote is currently very impressionist and exciting.

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