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April 16, 2020



Yeah, I... no clue. But the sinkhole is indeed looking great!


KC - what I find remarkable is that while I didn’t make the sinkhole lighter, adding the other colors makes it appear lighter.


That is fascinating. Usually I assume "I didn't change its color, but it looks lighter" means that there's *more* contrast around it - more darks, whatever - but in this case, that is not what happened? I think? So what *is* going on visually?

(because I totally agree, the sinkhole looks lighter now. But whyyyy?)


KC - I should be able to answer that question. But I cannot. I think what’s happened is what you describe: it looks l9ght next to something darker. Though I didn’t add anything really dark, what I did add is at least darker than the white background.


True, removal of blank canvas... but also lightening of various prior green splotches? I do not know...


KC - well, it’s all changed now, so hard to say.

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