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April 19, 2020



The thing about wearing a mask, is you don't have to worry about your hair--it will be messed up anyway, but no one will recognize you.


Arlene - I don’t even condition my hair anymore, or straighten it, or curl it, and I don’t wear a bra. But you are right, no one knows who I am, because I am masked. I suppose I should dress up and wear a veil over the mask.


If you do wear a veil over the mask, wear the fancy floppy pants! (provided the veil coordinates color-wise)

Either that, or take Opera Clothes on the road - buying toilet paper in an outfit themed for the Opera Performance That Was To Be But Is Not? Gold.


KC - I had the floppy pants - in fact I had a full-on outfit for my nephew’s wedding that we never attended. I gave it to the mother of the groom.

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