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April 20, 2020



That is fascinating. There are a lot of weird side-effects to changes to routines, but that is not one I'd have thought of!

(from what I know, which is very limited, there are a few variables at play in how long it takes them to close up, including how long they've been open (the longer, the more likely they are to stay open), age of piercing, and a couple of other factors like "have you worn heavy earrings and stretched the hole out" sorts of things. I'd bet that there are also people more and less medically likely to have their earring holes close up, kind of like people with Ehlers-Danlos are more likely to have their teeth revert back after wearing braces than people without connective tissue disorders, but I don't know off-hand what those would be, except that I'd bet the easy-scarring people would have a reduced risk of closure?)


KC - That is very interesting information about the braces. Would the easy-scarring people have their ears close up faster, or not as fast. Isn;t a star in the inside that keeps them closed? I guess it depends if you got tattoo parlor piercings or Claire’s piercings.
I just saw in the news that Georgia will allow tattoo parlors and bowling alleys to reopen by Friday.


You know, that's true - I'm not actually sure what keeps the hole from closing up, although I was assuming that people who scar easily and whose scars do not tend to fade would have less hole-closing - but! Maybe not!

I... do not think opening things up will turn out to have been a good idea. But as long as you-can-work-from-home employers do not rescind that, then those with immune challenges can hide out through the next wave, I guess? (but still, how many people is that going to kill? Oy.)


KC - it’s so oddly specific. Why tattoo parlors? Why is that urgent? Bowling alleys make me think it’s a demographic thing. It seems so random.


Tattoo parlors are very hygienic places, for the most part, so there's that; it's a non-medical situation with almost-always-low-health-risk people which in some ways mimics non-urgent health care, maybe? And they can take all the names and see if anyone gets sick from someone, but... yeah.

Bowling alleys, I got nothing on, though. I mean, yes, you're mostly only touching your bowling ball, but unless you only have one person per lane, you'd be getting within 6 feet... I don't know.

Some countries have movie theaters open, but they have the Only Seats You Can Sit In spaced out a bunch and they only let people into the room one at a time (and presumably wipe down arm rests between movies?) - that sort of makes sense to me, except for bathrooms, because when you gotta go, you gotta go?

Anyway. Reopening before we have enough tests, and before the virus stops climbing: not a good plan, since we'll just have to close down again. But maybe some people will have their Coronavirus Tattoo?


KC - I am watching the Trump covid conference and I believe he agrees with us (!)


Well, that's a first, I think! (aside from things like him stating what date it is and similar things that there is literally no disagreement about...)


KC - evidently Dr. Scarf and Dr. Fauci talked him into it. My county opens up again on May 4th.


Hey, being talked into something sane is good, I think? At least better than normal?

When your county technically opens up again, can you continue to exclusively work from home and otherwise self-isolate? (I hope so!!!)


KC - I plan to, especially since I doubt any of my work clothes will fit.


I saw someone predicting that the Next New Fashion will be elastic waistbands. :-) (elastic waistbands: not high on the "cool" meter or the "inherently aesthetically pleasing" meter, but, in my opinion, off the charts compared to that "cut out shoulder bit in shirts and dresses" thing)


KC - oh lord, the cold shoulder. I hate that.

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