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April 17, 2020



I think it depends on whether the linen pants are comfortable, personally. :-) If they're delightful enough to wear, then by all means wear them even if people other than Gary or the neighbors will be seeing you!

But yes. This is an unprecedented situation for many peoples' wardrobes...


KC - the pounds are no piling on, and it isn’t just water weight. I don’t know if any of my clothing will fit by the time I’m out.


I think there will be a lot of post-pandemic shopping - but it'd be partly staggered since different types of people in any given area would start clothes-shopping again at different times, so I would not expect it to be a Toilet Paper situation.

But I haaaate clothes shopping. So: Do you still have that treadmill you quit using back in 2001? One nationally-traumatic disaster knocked you off it - you could, potentially, let this one shove you back on it? :-) (many friends use a particular podcast or TV show to exercise - the "I only watch/listen when I'm exercising" motivation works for them. I do not think one could do well at oil painting while on a treadmill, though... although I suppose the results *would* be "looser" at any rate!)


KC - I didn’t have podcasts back in my treadmill days. I did watch The Wire and The Americans on my exercise bike. What I imagine will get me back to exercising is my favorite form of movement: gardening.


My favorite form of exercise is dance, followed by helping people move (there is something so satisfying about a gigantic stack of boxes and furniture being moved from one place to another)(note: not moving myself; but helping other people move). Gardening is also definitely up there, though. Green growing things!!!

Do you have a garden to-do list, generally, or do you just get out there and gather inspiration (and yanked-up weeds) as you go?


KC - as I go. Mom would always get me out there with “just one thing” and I realized there was never just one thing.

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