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April 01, 2020



I found it kind of fascinating for April Fool's to be, roughly, cancelled by mutual but, as far as I can tell, basically unspoken consent. I think it maybe says good things about this as a society, that 1. April Fool's jokes normally occur, even though there would always be *someone* saying This Is Not The Time For That, but that 2. it was generally decided that right now This Is Not The Time For That. (while other forms of amateur online art and entertainment are flourishing during Ye Plague, just not the April Fool's Jokes.)

(And The Coronavirus Diaries of Samuel Pepys: excellent link, thank you! :-) )


KC - I believe in some countries the government banned them, and then here Google stepped back, and other companies followed.

I saw two defiant jokes : George Takei claimed in Twitter he had lit the Olympic torch, and then someone on Facebook claimed our beloved giant ketchup bottle water tank in nearby Collinsville had toppled over. This was supported by terribly photoshopped pictures.


Ah, that is less heartwarming. But still.

(and I love it when joke pictures are terribly photoshopped instead of well photoshopped. It's the equivalent of having an Onion byline)


KC - this was terrible. Dust clouds made with the clone tool.

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