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April 05, 2020



I'm sorry, Gary, but raccoon peanuts are Not Essential.

(that said: good luck)


Too funny! I saw a pic awhile back that was amongst a bunch of TP hoarding pics where an old man at Costco had three 40 lb bags of bird food in his cart. Priorities, lol!


KC - I just keep telling myself the raccoons are meat. I’m investing in future food.
Lisa - A friend and his wife posed as if they were cuddling a newborn, but in the swaddle they had a six-pack of Charmin.


Future food is only useful if you're around and alive to eat it, though, so... Is there anyone who'll deliver raccoon peanuts so you don't have to go in to the store?


KC - actually, the people at the feed store now have the doors locked, you have to call in the order, and they bring it out to the curb in gloves (but not a mask yet).


That is fabulous! And if they step away from the order before you pick it up, they don't really need to be wearing a mask. (I mean, if they cough on it inside the store vs. outside: not much of a difference) (are all our incoming items going into quarantine for the maximum amount of time the WHO thinks the virus can live on their specific surfaces? Why, yes!)

Also, in theory, one is supposed to start one's car and drive somewhere every two weeks to make sure the battery gets recharged, so there's that. (but if one drives too much, then that is more gas-purchasing trips, which is *not* good, so... I don't know.)


KC - Saint Louis does seem to be doing fairly well so far with the distancing - only, they have taken a large warehouse about 5 miles from me and they have turned it into a morgue. It’s like they’re preparing for a big spike. Creepy.


Making a separate place as a morgue for those who died of a highly infectious disease sort of makes sense (although they're not coughing anymore, so...?), but let's hope a *warehouse-sized* spare morgue is entirely excessive...


KC - iI suppose you could still touch their hands that they may have coughed in.

It’s very odd, especially given that less than 50 people have died in the metro area, and only a little over 100 in the whole state. Why do we need a warehouse-sized morgue?

And also, as I have said so often recently, Jesus I can’t believe I just typed that.

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