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March 24, 2020


Arlene Wise

There are so many raccoons in our country that I'm pretty sure they taste terrible, or we would already be eating them.

I did my first Whole Foods pick up this morning. Oddly, I have been craving a salad. Once in my apartment, I washed all the fresh produce--lettuce, celery, tomatoes, mushroom, and green onions--with 1% bleach. Rinsed well, blotted on paper towels and (to my relief) it seems fine. I understand it will last longer after bleaching.

Cheers, Arlene


Arlene - Oddly, my sick brother has been craving salads. Are you craving salad because it’s a choice that symbolizes health in all this sickness? Also, I did a little research, and raccoon supposedly tastes like liver. I don’t like liver, but I imagine things taste better when you are really hungry.

Arlene Wise

I was craving salad because I had used up all my fresh produce the week before. Not keen on going out to shop in stores right now. By the way, the bleached salad was delicious. I got the idea from a survivalist blog--not my normal reading, but it did indicate that Federal regulations describe amounts of bleach that can be used on food.
I know most chicken (not the air chilled) gets bleached.

Hmm. Racoon and onions?



Arlene - what a weird dystopian time that I reach for survivalist blogs and bidets.

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