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March 12, 2020



I am loving these! Especially the change on the lamp painting. Very nice!


The second one reminds me of some still life paintings by van Gogh (or possibly someone else). I was thinking sunflowers, but just looked it up, and nope, not that one. But the stems in the vase are very definitely reminding me of *something* by *someone* anyway... Tulips by Ellen, perhaps. ;-)

(anyway: congratulations on plugging away and making progress and continuing to get better at both doing this and figuring out what is good/bad about any given thing you've done!)


Lisa - yes, the red flowers really added something. They’ll get mid-level details, then the fun high detail comes in.
KC - I think everyone always can find what’s right and what’s wrong about anything they’ve done. I am one of the people who feel honor-bound to point it out.

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